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    Puri the land of Lord Jagannathis one of the major tourist destination and heritage site in Odisha.The city has tropical savanna climate and it is located on the east coast of the state on the shores of Bay of Bengal.From ancient times Puriwas known as “Sri Kshetra” the holy land of lord Jagannath.Because of the religious importance of the Jagannatha Temple (Shree Mandir) and festivals celebrated at this temple and the city, people outside the world have a special interest to visit and experience the charm of the city Puri.

    According to Hindu religion Puri is one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites for Hindus. So every year thousands of Hindu devotees come here and stay and worship their lord Jagannath and other Hindu Gods ad goddess. Here at Puri lots of Temples are present apart from Jagannath Temple,Shree LokanathTemple and Gundicha Temple are famous temples in Puri.

    The Temples and the Holy Environment of Puri

    With a diverse range of art and rich cultural the city Puri has many things to showcase to the world. Hinduism is the main religion of this city while in history many other religion people also come to this place and join the divine fame of this land. Every day thousands of pilgrims come to Puri and experience the mental peace at holy Jagannath Temples and other famous temples of Puri, also tourist come to get some relaxing moments with their family and friends inside the divine environment of holy temples of Puri.

    In terms of art, Pattachitra paintings and other handicrafts and handloom products along with sand art, great Oddishi dance and music is something thatyou can experience in Puri, this gives tourist goals to stay here and enjoy a quality time with their friends and family.

    Best time to visit Puri

    The climate of Puri is always pleasant and charming. However, Plan out your trip to Puri during the Winter seasons, best time is between the months of October to November.

    How to reach Puri

    By Air: Although Puri does not have its own air base, the nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar airport and is only at a distance of 68 Km.

    By Train: Puri lies along the Calcutta-Chennai line and most of the trains stop here. Therefore, it is each to reach the Puri Railway Station via train.

    By Road: Buses are available from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar.

    Jaganath Temple
    konark temple Konark Sun Temple
    Puri Sea Beach
    Chilika Lake
    Raghurajpur Artist Village